Bath chair lift

Taking a bath has now become pleasant and safe

Tax credit applicable for people over 70, in Quebec. To check your eligibility click here.

Certificates and awards2022

The Secur-O-Bain bath lift chair awarded Gold Certification at the Grands Prix du Design 2022


The advantages of the Sécur-O-Bain chair lift

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  • 350lbs capacity
  • Rechargeable remote control
  • Support bar, headrest and belt
  • Compact, suitable for conventional bathrooms
  • Easy to relocate without damage
  • 5 warranty on the device and 3 years on the joystick
  • Non-taxable product

Taking a bath has now become pleasant and safe


Take a safe, independent bath with the bath chair lift, a 100% Quebec born invention.

Aesthetic, ergonomic and safe, our bath chairs are intended for people with reduced mobility or loss of autonomy weighing up to 350 lbs. They are guaranteed for 5 years transferable and 3 years on the battery.


For who ?

Both safe, functional and aesthetic, our solution simplifies access to the bathtub despite a disability. It is necessary for people with reduced mobility (children from one year of age) and those with loss of autonomy with a maximum weight of 350 pounds. Since each person is unique, our bath lift chairs adapt to your situation. Your experience will be all the more pleasant.

They meet your need for increased security, both for you and for natural caregivers or those responsible for providing you with home care. Indeed, it facilitates their task by avoiding lumbar injuries in particular.


Our bath lift chairs are designed so that you can have private baths for as long as possible. They reduce the risk of falls which prevents you from taking baths independently. They reduce the difficulties when it comes time to step over the bath, sit down or stand up.

In addition, they provide several benefits including taking a hot water bath, the relaxation that follows and relief from the stress of everyday life. They will not only allow you to cleanse your body, but will also promote your blood circulation, your physical recovery and better sleep.


Our bath lift chairs are guaranteed for 3 years transferable and 2 years on the battery.

Aesthetic, our chairs fit into a conventional bathroom without any problem and remain easy to access. They talk to each other without difficulty. Moreover, they can be reused; requiring a minimum of renovation, they are installed in a new bathroom.

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