About Sécur-O-Bain

Origin of the product

Alain Desmarais has been operating in the world of construction as a contractor for over 30 years. Finding solutions is a daily part of the job, and the idea for a bath chair lift came to life when his mother lost part of her mobility.

As a bath enthusiast, Alain Desmarais found it unfortunate that people with diminishing autonomy or reduced mobility could not enjoy the activity. Indeed, installations for people with diminishing autonomy are very expensive, and not necessarily accessible to the general population.

Always looking for new projects and a fan of innovation, the idea to design a bath chair lift came to him naturally. This bath lift is designed to improve the life quality of people with diminishing autonomy who wish to take baths in the comfort of their own home.

A solution for everyone

All the research conducted demonstrated the enormous potential of this bath lift. It meets the needs of many people in Quebec, as well as in Canada. It’s a simple, safe and accessible solution for our parents and grandparents, as well as anyone with diminishing mobility. If this bath lift is a great solution for the designer’s mother, it’ll be a great solution for everyone in the future.

Our incredible team works tirelessly to develop this bath lift to achieve an exemplary product while respecting the international ISO norms for lifts.

A safe and aesthetic solution!

As beautiful as it is functional, Secur-O-Bain is a bath chair lift that can be installed in any conventional bathroom. It’s safe and easy to use. The chair sits at the bottom of the bathtub for maximum submersion, guaranteeing comfort and relaxation. It can support up to 159 kg or 350 lbs. The seat can be folded to facilitate cleaning of the bathtub and it is also possible to relocate it in case you change homes, or for any other reason.